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The Amazons Project Self-Defense home training program. The best martial arts course based on Gracie Jiu-Jitsu or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ. Learn the same techniques all MMA or UFC fighters use in professional bouts. Practice form the comfort of your home. Don't be the last one to empower your daughter with important life-saving skills.


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empower your daughter from home

DVD Level 1


          An absolute effective self-defense system towards a group is not possible to be created due to the individuality factor. Every person has different: backgrounds, self-perception, self-esteem among other variants. When a woman is able to effectively prevent or escape from an attack, this is due to the combination of multi-disciplinary experiences and processes in regards to her individual upbringing. 

          Past crime prevention, de-escalation, or evasion, the last stage is to engage in a physical fight. There are hundreds of martial arts styles and combat sports that are part of self-defense programs designed for women. Most of them are sold as a weekend-miracle promise. We address in this course solely the fighting aspect of the self-defense spectrum and we will leave the rest to you: the parent.

          The Amazons Project home training is an ongoing life training program for young girls to develop and maintain the necessary muscle memory with the acquisition and understanding of ground fighting techniques based on Brazilian (Gracie) Jiu-Jitsu - the most effective martial arts style of the last two decades and the most specialized ground fighting art. 

          At the comfort of your home, now you can PROGRAM your children for life with effective martial arts skills that can be transformed in HABIT, thus increasing self-confidence. The only method that can honestly contribute to your daughter’s formation cannot be truly achieved in a weekend or even a seasonal class but during your child’s entire youth life.

          This program's benefits surpasses anti-bullying and sexual violence self-defense techniques. Being the greatest gain the increase of self-confidence, a better understanding of the body mechanics and her own limitations, a deeper connection of mind and body and a boost in the unique experience of the relationship between parent and child.