Before heading to your Workshop, please watch this video entirely.

The Amazons Project: Eradicating physical assaults on women by empowering you with free self-defense skills based on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


Let's certify every woman in the planet!



Disclaimer: There are many types of sexual assault. The Amazons Project workshops focus solely on ground fighting techniques with bare hands, as that is the last resource in life and death situations.

We strongly recommend every person to get familiarized with the use of any kind of weapons such as pistol, pepper spray, taser, etc. 

Ground fighting techniques are the most important part of the self-defense spectrum, as weapons sometimes are not available or do not function properly.

The Amazons Project and its instructors do not guarantee that you will be able to protect yourself in every confrontation you are faced with as numerous factors create an unique experience. 

At our workshops, we will not offer any sort of counseling. Please contact a specialist or support group if you have been a victim. 

Eradicating sexual assault can happen one woman at a time and is the vision of The Amazons Project as each community increases the numbers of women who learn, practice, and share these self-defense techniques.